BAKD'LITES is a one-stop-shop event management company in Nigeria. Established in 2019, our goal is to help our clients create elegant events and priceless memories We believe every event is organized for a unique purpose, that is why we take our time to select the best food, drinks, cakes, brand materials and everything else that is needed to make your event memorable.

Are you looking for an event planner?

Perhaps you have been going through a lot of stress lately because of an upcoming birthday party so you need a party planner or meeting planner to act as an event coordinator and take the stress off you.

Look no further, here at Bakd’lites, we take the stress of you by offering you professional event planning services for your weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. We can help with food preparation, drinks, cakes, printing invitation cards and much more Located in Lagos, Nigeria; we can help you coordinate your event according to your plan. We are the event planner near you as we are available via live chat here, email, social media and on phone.

We combine creativity, service, design & production to create events that truly elegant events and priceless memories